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Sanitizing water, air and surfaces, it's EPA approved for dozens of uses by just changing the dilution. Problems solved: Get to Net Zero faster. When the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was enacted in 1976, it grandfathered in thousands of unevaluated chemicals that were in commerce at the time. The EPA is just now identifying chemicals that are high priority to evaluate risks.  The average product today has limited range of use and cannot be mixed on site due to specific water quality needs. Change your chemicals to mitigate proven harmful health side effects, including asthma and cancer vs others. Reduces environmental impact, including fossil fuels in manufacturing, shipment, and waste disposal. Kills C Diff, parasites and other chemical resistant products without the harmful byproducts and potential allergic responses. Agriculture, Medical, Water and Wastewater treatment and other industries.


Water efficiency technology changing conservation globally with hard­ware, software, and platform solutions that optimize water usage, resulting in both water and cost savings. Problems solved: Reduces business and government water consumption and water bills.


The resources to create "clean energy" sometimes exceeds the benefits. What if we could power more and lower costs, kind of like going from 6 mpg to 200 mpg? Change your energy utilization and storage capabilities without sacrificing reliability.

Peak shaving with discharge during peak demand time to avoid or reduce demand charges.
Load shifting energy consumption from one moment to another to avoid high energy prices.


Our AI driven solution optimizes payments for credit card processing rules compliance. Often confused with data security, it's the rules that largely impact rate qualification and both issuer and consumer initiated chargeback risk. Improves efficiency and profits, including reducing Days Sales Outstanding with e-invoicing and hosted pay pages; standalone or ERP integrations including Microsoft D365 F&O among others. Cash, check, credit cards and more in one cloud-based solution for optimal standardization and high level transparency. Co-Founder Christine Speedy is a sought after resource for cybersecurity panels, business consultants, and B2B media.

Merchant Services

  Our parent company, 3D Merchant Services, specializes in Wholesale Business to Business and dealer merchant accounts. Each acquirer has pros and cons. A banker offers you one solution, whether it's the best or not. We'll advise based on your specific business needs.


EPA approved Fuel additive reduces emissions, improves engine efficiency, and eliminates and prevents carbon deposits. Problems solved: Significantly reduces harmful emissions (CO, SOx, NOx, HC and PM10), reduces fossil fuel use by increasing mileage up to 20% or more in gasoline and up to 15% or more in diesel.