Fuel tablets reduce emissions and fuel consumption
Fuel tablets reduce emissions and fuel consumption
How can consumers and small businesses save on fuel and reduce climate harmful emissions? Blaze EcoTech patented quick dissolve solid additive technology. It's a multi-functional catalyst formulation that works in all combustion engines, including cars, trucks, boats, small engines, large engines, and motorcycles and in all fuels, including gas, diesel and natural gas.

Historically, the manufacturer sold B2B, including for industrial equipment and heavy duty equipment. The fuel catalyst formula has been widely tested and is used globally. You can read some of the fuel tab case studies here, including:

- Walmart

- Route 66 Logistics, Inc.

- Davis County Sheriff's Office

- Astec Industries Double Barrel Asphalt Plant.

Liquid additives for consumer cars have been around for years. Ready-to-use (RTU) plastic containers are a major problem for the environment from manufacturing to shipping and final disposition to landfills. In 2019, National Geographic said "plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Like our air, water and surface cleaner, Blaze EcoTech is sold as a small, solid tablet. Add Blaze EcoTech to your fuel tank when filling up. Per Blaze Ecotech, most users experience fuel savings between 7% and 22%. With multiple variable factors impacting fuel mileage, it's best to just try it yourself. I personally saw a bigger boost on my 2021 Mazda CX5 AWD fuel efficiency panel after the second fill up.

This handy web site compares EPA and consumer shared data on automotive fuel efficiency so you can see how your car compares before you try it; Registration is not required to view the data. https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/Find.do?action=yourMpgVehicle&src=mpg&id=43134

Benefits include:

  • Improves catalytic combustion
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases power
  • Reduces carbon and other harmful emissions
  • Prevents engine wear for reduced maintenance cost

Will it harm my engine or void my warranty? "Using the Fuel Tabs at the recommended dosage, will never cause damage to an engine. In fact, when used correctly and frequently, it will lengthen the life of your engine." Since the manufacturer founded the companySee the FAQ here for more information https://blaze-ecotech.com/.

How to buy Blaze Ecotech fuel tabs:

You need a StoplightGo.com account to buy them. An INVITE CODE is required. There is no cost to register and become a customer with StoplightGO, and or to get access to the Stores. There are two options right now:
  1. Get on the Waiting List/ Join now (for free) with invite code speedy and then shop immediately.
  2. Become a StoplightGO "driver" with invite code speedy. Learn more here https://stoplightgo.com/earn/
In a world used to the Amazon shopping experience, this may not be the ideal buying experience right now, but that's the way consumers can purchase as of this writing. It's worth the effort. Resources:
  • https://blaze-ecotech.com/content/7-how-does-it-work

Blaze EcoTech

Blaze EcoTech is powered by CFORTH LLC. CFORTH is StoplightGO’s official supplier of Products and Services. Blaze EcoTech is StoplightGO’s distributor of a unique, patented and EPA registered fuel saving catalyst which is developed and produced by the Rennsli Corp in Utah, USA (www.rennsli.com).

Rennsli Corp & Ferox

Rennsli's fuel catalyst has been patented in four jurisdictions (US, European Union, Canada and Australia) and it is also registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency. Rennsli-Ferox has, since 2008, shipped their products to satisfied customers in over 26 countries with a focus on the B2B industry.

Greater Good Tech is committed to delivering products and services to enhance business and community. Our products and services are best in class, and often innovative game changers. 100% Women owned small business enterprise. Greater Good Tech Co-Founder, Christine Speedy, is personally a CFORTH StopLightGo Driver.